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Potable Water Purification Tablets

Updated: Apr 17

Buy your Water Purification Tablets Here On Amazon: https://amzn.to/34IeqM7

Having clean, drinkable water is important to sustain life. However, during an emergency or crisis it may be hard to find drinkable water. In dire circumstances such as a natural disaster or a cultural collapse, the only access to water may be a questionable water source. Which may not be safe to drink without treatment.

Potable Aqua's Germicidal Purification Tablets allows for clean drinkable water in dire circumstances. In only 35 minutes with two tablets, one liter of water can be treated! They are even effective against Bacteria and Giardia Cysts. These tablets have over 2,500 reviews on Amazon!

The size of the container allows for easy packing and storage. They can be easily added to bug out bags or even first aid kits. They don't cause any trouble getting through airport security either!

When treating your water with the tablets you will notice a slight yellow tint. This is the iodine working to treat your water! It is still safe to drink when used as directed.

This product is perfect to pack in your bags, whether it be for emergency situations, camping or travel! It is small and is something that everyone should have available in case of an emergency.

Buy your Water Purification Tablets Here On Amazon: https://amzn.to/34IeqM7


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